Coast Defences

Victoria – Esquimalt

Coast Defences

Although the batteries which formed the coast defences of Esquimalt were never called upon to repel an enemy, the threat of an attack was very real on more than one occasion. At such times, the value of these batteries was never in doubt. Their existence helped to ensure the security of the city of Victoria.

By protecting the naval base at Esquimalt, the coast defences provided the warships of the Royal Navy, and later the Royal Canadian Navy, with a secure anchorage from which they could sail to provide protection to the entire coast of British Columbia.

There were many changes in the coast defences during the nearly 80 years of their existence, from 1878 to 1956. This period saw great political and technological changes, which had an impact on the way in which these gun batteries evolved. The following chronology describes this evolution.

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