Peacekeeping and Domestic Operations

When the call to arms sounded again in 1950 for service overseas during the Korean “police action”, men from the Regiment answered. Men and women of the Regiment have also served with United Nations operations in Egypt, on the Gaza Strip, in Cyprus, with Canada’s NATO Brigade in Europe, and in Bosnia, Former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.


The 5th Regiment has been called upon to perform duties “in aid of the civil power”. They assisted in maintaining law and order during the coal strikes at Wellington in 1890 and at Nanaimo in 1913. They assisted in recovery operations following the Point Ellice Bridge disaster of 1896, And in 1948 they helped to build and maintain the sandbag dikes to control flooding in the Fraser Valley.  As a reserve unit the Regiment is always on call to provide assistance to the civil power when called on through official channels,  In recent years the 5th has provided deployments to fight forest fires in the BC Interior, to assist with controlling floods and with the security organization for the Vancouver Olympic Games .


The 5th Regiment provides the official saluting battery at Victoria BC as the provincial capital. The unit has fired salutes for visiting Royalty, for Graduation Parades of the Royal Roads Military College and for the official Opening of the Provincial Legislature, a custom, which originated on July 29, 1878.  As well the regiment fires salutes on Victoria Day to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.


Following World War II, the Regiment was redesignated as the 5th (British Columbia) Coast Defence Regiment, RCA and continued in its harbour defence role. In 1954  it was again  redesignated as an independent battery, serving briefly in a coast defence role until 1956, and then in its current role as field artillery.


Recognition of more than 100 years of service took place on Sunday, November 4, 1979, when the 5th (British Columbia) Field Battery, RCA proudly accepted the Freedom of the City of Victoria. On Friday 13th of September 1991, the Regiment once again was raised to regimental status and designated the 5th (British Columbia) Field Artillery Regiment, RCA. The young men and women of the Regiment today proudly wear the Gunner badge in the oldest continuous serving militia unit west of the Great Lakes.